e-satisfaction.com faces the challenge of omnichannel experience

Omnichannel is about continuity of the experience you provide to your customers. Our mission in e-satisfaction.com is to make business customer centric, so we could not stand still and not work to provide a solution to consistently track customer experience across channels and make it a part of an interactive marketing engine.

Omnichannel is about continuity of the experience you provide to your customers. Tracking and measuring this experience is a hard thing to do.  Multiple channels and multiple moments of truth that consumers experience when dealing with us makes it hard to implement and complex to manage.

Our mission in e-satisfaction.com is to make business customer centric, so we could not stand still and not work to provide a solution to consistently track customer experience across channels and more than that, make it a part of an interactive marketing engine that starts with customer feedback and reaches to personalized marketing, looking each experience of each customer at a time.

By using omnichannel characteristics of e-satisfaction.com businesses can constantly monitor in-store customer experience, based on feedback provided by customers, right after they completed their shopping experience, i.e. 10 minutes after leaving the store. With e-satisfaction.com for offline stores feedback is continuous (after every purchase), credible (collected only by customers, not visitors) and actionable (through triggering humanized marketing automations like refer a friend or review on Google places). This is the first time an authentic retail solution has the potential to provide ongoing customer feedback, combined with mechanisms of customer recovery and customer retention focusing always on customer’s experience.

How it works

Once a customer has completed an offline transaction (i.e. buy at store, or phone order), an e-mail, SMS or Viber message is sent asking for feedback about this specific experience. Customer clicks a one-time link made just for this purchase and is led to an easy to fill, short questionnaire that is filled only with taps and clicks in less than 30’’. Once the customer finishes and submits the questionnaire, automated algorithms are triggered to “understand” this feedback, and activates a personalized marketing automation, based on the sentiment of the response (i.e. If the customer is a referrer, he is asked to leave a review in Google Places). This way, the feedback loop is automatically closing, without you having to leave your office (at least not for happy customers), to take action on customer feedback!

omnichannel approach

An omnichannel experience is by itself a Unique Selling Point for every Business as it has the following advantages:

  • Provide a personalized and consistent customer experience
  • Provide a more accessible, dynamic and continuous customer journey
  • Brands become available to their customers at anytime and anywhere
  • Consumers can easily decide in what degree the overall experience matched their expectations


While measuring an omnichannel customer experience many different data sources are brought together. Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle. You will have the opportunity to evaluate the customer experience your Business provides in every channel you interact with them in a consistent and complementary manner. Brands who can best interpret omnichannel data and understand all customers, are the winners in today’s competitive market.

Omnichannel is not the future, it is now! Every business needs to ask themselves whether they will invest in fixing the past or in building a strong competitive advantage now and for the future having always as a reference the value of each customer.

Want to know more about the omnichannel experience?

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3 easy ways to make e-satisfaction’s Customer Experience Badge work for you

We give you a big applause for keeping your promise of providing an outstanding customer experience! Here are 3 easy ways to make e-satisfaction’s Customer Experience Badge work for you and get you more customers. 

make the Customer Experience Badge work for you

You do keep your promise of providing an outstanding customer experience and it is shown in e-satisfaction’s Customer Experience Badge! We give you a big applause for that!

Several customers have asked us:

How can I use the Customer Experience Badge to get more customers?

Here are 3 easy ways to promote your customer experience scores, shown through Customer Experience Badge, using e-satisfaction and with no involvement of your technical team.

1) Share through our social share automation

The first and simplest action you can do is to use the power of social media to show your customers your Customer Experience scores, through a Facebook Post with a snapshot of the Customer Experience Badge, demonstrating that your customers had a great shopping experience while purchasing from your e-Business! It is your time, to spread the good news.

By using e-satisfaction’s social share Humanized Marketing Automation you can further improve the engagement of this post by showing this Facebook post to clients that just provided feedback. This way you let them know that they are part of a happy customers clan and you provide them the with a clear action…like, share and comment! This is why engagement rate is really high, reaching up to 28x the average engagement rate of a normal post, as show in this case study.

2) Show your scores and call for action

A good score is something you don’t want your customers to miss and a great place to show it is to customers that just left feedback, but these are engaged customers with full attention that just finished a purchase funnel, help them make the next step!
What would the next step be? You know better (i.e. join our loyalty program, visit our stores, follow us on Instagram) but this is a good time to remind them that you really care about them and you are doing great job while serving your clients! Create an engaging visual with your Customer Experience Badge that has a great score on it, say thank you for helping us being the best and add a call to action button that takes them to the action you want them to thank you more!  

3) Ask for a Referral

You may have heard about the Refer a Friend mechanism, one of the out of the box Humanized Marketing Automations provided by e-satisfaction, that you can use to help your customers share their love about you, increasing profits and generating revenues with no marketing cost like Maison Marasil did in this case study.

An idea that you could use to further increase the effectiveness of this mechanism is to include a snapshot of your customer experience score in the referral mail, so that the friends of your happy customers better understand that you are really doing a great job, their friends are telling you do and hundreds other customers say that you do! Build trust in the first mail and be sure they will come!


No matter what, all you need to do is be creative and human oriented. E-satisfaction’s Customer Experience Badge is a summary of your customer’s voices and you should think “how can I let people know that I am that good, now that I have it documented?

Make your future customers know that you care about them and make them trust you! Make them say “I know that when I will be buying from there, everything will be perfect!”.

Customer Retention: Easier than ever with e-satisfaction

How can you respond promtly to customer complaints?  Use e-satisfaction’s automated e-mail alerts feature to manage complaints quickly and in a personalized manner.

If you go across every guide on how to increase customer retention, you will find a single, high level rule of thumb that you should follow: “Respond promptly, be polite and resolve the concern”. This is correct, but how easy can it be when you do not even see or talk to the customer? How can you respond promptly when you are not there when the complaint is raised? This is a great challenge and this is why we created automated alerts!

Automated e-mail alerts are sent to your e-Business customer service/ management teams when an unhappy customer raises a complaint or declares to be unhappy by a shopping experience in your business. A very important characteristic of the automated mail alerts is that they are linked to a specific order id, so you know who is behind each complaint, so you can manage it in a personalized manner, building the bond you want to built with each and every customer!

automated email alerts


What to do with email alerts?

There are a lot of ways that you can use and manage such alerts. Examples of how our clients are using automated email alerts today can be found below, in the form of advice:

  • Reply – Several customers allocate a part of a day to follow up on customers that raised a complaint or declared to be not happy by their experience.
  • Automate – Customers with a large number of orders may face larger volumes of complaints or customers that need attention, so the development of different response templates for different occasions is possible.
  • Inform – By using e-mail alerts, top level management has the opportunity to get a taste of the customer service process and the customer satisfaction levels on a daily basis. Turn it on once and you will never turn it off again as it is a perfect, filtered stream of customer voices that you want to receive!

4 ways to increase your customer’s lifetime value!

Customer lifetime value is one of the most important metrics of your business. Discover 4 easy and quick ways to increase your customer’s lifetime value!

Customer Lifetime Value! What does it mean?

Customer Lifetime Value is one of the most important metrics of your business as it is the metric that indicates if your business will be viable and profitable in the long term. CLV refers to the projected revenue each customer will generate during their lifetime, so increased CLV means less acquisition cost and more revenue, thus long term profitability!

customer lifetime value, CLV, extend customer lifetime value

A study from ThinkJar revealed that it costs 6 to 7 times more to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one! Therefore, all efforts should be placed in increasing your customer’s satisfaction throughout their entire customer journey and extend their lifetime value.

How can CLV be increased through humanized marketing?

The most important thing you can do to extend the CLV index is to develop a strong bond with your customers and make them feel that “this company gets me”, so the next time they will need something they will not search somewhere else, but they will come directly to you. There are a lot of ways to achieve this and the one thing that you should never forget is that there are real persons behind every transaction, so all you have to do is understand their needs and communicate with them in a personalized way, just like you would do with a real human.

This is not an easy task when you manage tens or thousands of transactions every day, so you need to get the right technology in place. e-satisfaction, the #1 Humanized Marketing Platform, gives you the opportunity to trigger personalized marketing automations based on the experience your customer had when buying from you.
Automation comes from e-satisfaction’s built in Humanized Marketing Automations that you can use without having to bother your technical team. Easy, plug n play, fast and effective!


customer satisfaction

  • Refer a FriendAsk your happy customers to refer you to their friends! You can have a quick look on a successful case study that generated a 3% revenue increase with no marketing cost!
  • Callback Request – Who said customer recovery cannot be automated? Ask dissatisfied customers to ask for a callback and solve any possible misunderstandings, converting them into happy and loyal customers! Click here to read more about the Callback Request mechanism.
  • Funnel Extender Images – Usually customers leave when they finish checkout. Instead of this you can use the thank you page to create awareness, or even to transfer every client that completes checkout to the next action you want them to do. Leave a review, check your loyalty program or discover your new stores are some of the actions our customers have chosen.
  • Social Share – Do you want to increase Facebook likes and Instagram follows? Do you run a content on social media and want to make it viral? Display social media content to your customers and help them share it and get impressive engagement rates! See this case study to discover how to get 29 times better engagement through this Humanized Marketing Automation.

Not all customers are the same! Personalize your marketing messages to show your customers that each and every one of them is unique for you! If you want to learn more, schedule a demo with our team and discover how your customers will reward you!

Schedule a Demo

Praktiker uses e-satisfaction to understand where online visitors come from!

Praktiker got more than 17.000 responses from its visitors and made clear estimates on the effectiveness of their marketing budget, while using e-satisfaction’s custom questions mechanism.


One of the most common questions Marketers have to answer is “does my advertising budget have the result I want to have?”.  Praktiker wanted to answer this question and more specifically to understand if the marketing efforts that are made both in digital and physical space generate traffic for the online store of Praktiker, the e-shop www.praktiker.gr.

Common analytics platforms do a great job in providing insights related to digital channels and are great at telling how many visitors come from digital mediums. However, they do not answer how much impact and traffic the physical stores generate to the e-shop or what is the impact that a TV campaign had. The reason that web analytics tools cannot provide this information is that it can only be measured by asking the visitors of the e-shop and not by examining their previous click or their behaviour in the e-shop.

This is where e-satisfaction came to help Praktiker. The platform of e-satisfaction has been built to help e-businesses collect credible feedback from visitors and customers, understand what this feedback actually means and leverage this feedback to generate value. One of the mechanisms that e-satisfaction uses, on the understand part, is the custom questions, which are questions that can be added at any stage of the customer’s shopping journey, purposed to get a better understanding on what is in the mind of the visitors and customers. In the case of Praktiker, the challenge was to understand where visitors come from, so a custom question was asked at the browsing stage (shortly after a visitor enters the e-shop), asking customers what was the last place they interacted or saw Praktiker before visiting the website, i.e. information from store/newsletter, family or friend recommendation, TV ad etc.. 

With this mechanism Praktiker got repsones from more than 17.000 visitors of www.praktiker.gr, reaching to a conclusion that the major traffic source of Praktiker.gr (45%) is the network of physical stores, and that printed leaflets are also doing a great job in bringing customers to the e-shop. Also, by asking its online visitors, Praktiker realized that TV campaigns did generate traffic, but this traffic did not exceed 10% of the visitors in the e-shop whch can be considered a small percentage if compared with the rest of the channels.

By using the custom questions mechanism provided by e-satisfaction, Praktiker now has a number of the effect that each of the available channels have in digital traffic and can have a clearer estimate on the real effectiveness of both digital and media marketing budget.