Improve your Citizens’ daily lives by using the Voice of the Citizen, a communication channel between Municipalities and Citizens. Measure their satisfaction with the provided services/structures of the Municipality.

Monitor Citizen Satisfaction
We help you understand how happy your citizens are, by your provided services and structures with tailor-made satisfaction surveys.

Understand Citizen Needs
Citizen Feedback Data are extremely rich and valuable. Understand what your citizens expect from your Services & Structures provided, with our Text Analysis Reports. Discover the main topics addressed by your Citizen and understand their impact on their satisfaction.


Improve Services & Structures 
With you can dig deeper into actionable insights and have a clear direction on which Services & Structures, or specific aspects of them, need to be improved.

Turns complaints into constructive discussions
Don’t make your Citizens feel neglected. Show them that you are listening and taking into account their feedback; use this opportunity to hear them out and make them feel that their Voice is actually heard by directly communicating with them.