Q: What is e-satisfaction & How it works?

e-satisfaction is the #1 Humanized Marketing Platform that e-businesses can use to trigger personalized marketing actions, based not on client clicks but on the experience each customer had when purchasing online or offline. 

Our company mission statement is to make e-business customer centric and we do this by following a three-step methodology

Step 1: Collect feedback from real customers, about their experience, across all stages of their consumer journey

Step 2: Understand what they say and add each customer to one or more segments, based on how satisfied they are with their experience and what they really need.

Step 3Trigger – out of the box and really easy to setup – marketing mechanisms like Refer a friend, Callback requests and Automated alerts, that respond or react to the feedback provided by each customer, based on the segment he/she belongs to.

  1. The last and maybe most important feature of e-satisfaction is that is is ridiculously easy to setup and provides an entire range of tools that can help you increase customer loyalty without needing to implement demanding integrations and mechanisms in your website.

Q: Which verticals can use e-satisfaction?

Our solution has been built to help e-businesses, meaning every site that has a transaction. At this scope, e-satisfaction.com can be used by all e-shops, online food delivery businesses, and from the online insurance sector.

e-satisfaction’s omnichannel mechanism can be fitted in every offline store that has a loyalty system

Q: What information is needed to set up my account?

It will only take 1 minute to complete your registration at e-satisfaction!

You need to fill in a registration form with the following data: your surname and name, your e-mail, your personal password, your company’s URL, the category of your e-shop, the estimated monthly number of transactions and we would like you to tell us how important is a good customer experience for your e-Business.

All you have to do is click here and fill in the above information!

Q: Do I need to add my card details to create my account?

No! There is no need to link your card in order to create your account! You may add or edit your card details in your account any time you want!

Q: Do I need to pay before starting?

Nope! You don’t need to pay anything before starting, neither add your card details!

Q: How difficult is to integrate e-satisfaction to my e-shop?

Our main focus is to make the integration process as easier as possible for e-shops. Implementation is very easy and quick. It usually takes 5-10 minutes to successfully integrate e-satisfaction to your e-shop. 

Especially for those who are using Magento, Prestashop or CS-Cart we have developed advanced modules that make integration a 2-click process.

Q: Does the integration of e-satisfaction affect negatively my e-shop’s performance and functionality?

You have nothing to worry about! 

E-satisfaction’s source code consumes minimum resources and for that reason, it does not affect the performance and functionality of your e-shop.

Q: Who has access to my data?

The data submitted for your e-shop are yours!

You can choose who has access to your account on e-satisfaction. You may add as many users as you wish and give them permission to read, edit or manage your data.

Last but not least, the collected data is a property of each e-shop and not a property of e-satisfaction.