A bit of background story

Our founding team comes from areas of Consumer Research, Marketing & University sectors and has a common belief. That behind its transaction there is a human being, that thinks – feels & wants to be respected. We think that biggest property of a company is the opinion of its customers & the biggest opportunity of every company is to do something with that… Then e-Satisfaction.com was born.

Our Vision

Our vision is definite and simple. Make Every Business Customer Centric.

Customer Centricity is what happens when Experience becomes the Culture. Being Customer Centric means that people who engage with customers on a regular basis, have this culture rooted deeply in them.

There is only one prerequisite here; to ASK & LISTEN to what your customers have to say and ACT accordingly.. At e-satisfaction.com, we follow a specific 5-step framework, to ensure that you capture the thoughts of your customers and tap into their minds, to ultimately become the company that loves to understand its customers’ needs and has (proactively) thought of an answer to that specific need (or any other that might appear). But it is far from a game (even though there is so much strategy behind it). By stepping in, it means that you are actually starting to shift your organization’s culture, from making decisions for your customers by assuming what they want, to actually making those decisions by knowing what they want and acting upon them. You will change your habits (and we will be there to support, coach and encourage you), you will become customer-obsessed and ultimately, you will become Customer Centric. Welcome to the journey of achieving our vision to “Make Every Business Customer Centric”.

Our Work is characterized by:

CREDIBILITY in our word

We develop trustworthy & proven methods of grabbing & leveraging customers’ feeling.

PASSION for humanity

We do whatever it takes to make the customers of our Clients & our people happy.

EVOLUTION continuously

We thrive to seek excellence, never settle and surpass our limits of knowledge & imagination.

Our Solution

E-Satisfaction is a credible and easy way to ask your customers what you can do better, understand their answers and leverage this feedback to recover or retain them!

How it works