A bit of background story

Our founding team comes from areas of Consumer Research, Marketing & University sectors and has a common belief. That behind its transaction there is a human being, that thinks – feels & wants to be respected. We think that biggest property of a company is the opinion of its customers & the biggest opportunity of every company is to do something with that… Then e-Satisfaction.com was born.

Our Vision

Our vision is definite and simple. We want to make e-business customer centric. We are passionate to help e-businesses learn how customers feel, inspire them to act based on customer feedback, encourage them to invest on true customer needs to become profitable.

Our Work is characterized by:

CREDIBILITY in our word

We develop trustworthy & proven methods of grabbing & leveraging customers’ feeling.

PASSION for humanity

We do whatever it takes to make the customers of our Clients & our people happy.

EVOLUTION continuously

We thrive to seek excellence, never settle and surpass our limits of knowledge & imagination.

Our Solution

E-Satisfaction is a credible and easy way to ask your customers what you can do better, understand their answers and leverage this feedback to recover or retain them!

How it works