For, customer experience plays an important role in their culture and in their way of doing business! With and after collecting customer feedback for 8 months, identified that customers were experiencing some malfunctions in their website and decided to make some changes!
Doing whatever it takes to improve customer experience and engage customers across all stages of their journey, reduced call center costs by 25%.
Ebnb increased by 79% their positive reviews on! The filtered data export feature of e-satisfaction helped to segment their customers based on their level of satisfaction throughout their entire customer journey with just one-click!
Praktiker is able to make better decisions based on the real voice and real needs of its customers! The custom questions feature of e-satisfaction helped Praktiker to better understand its customers and respond accordingly to their requests and feedback after collecting more than 40.000 answers.
The Refer a Friend campaign yielded remarkable results and created new paths for both Maison Marasil and e-satisfaction, as resulted in just 50 days of function in bringing 118 new orders and 3% revenue increase, by using e-satisfaction’s free marketing mechanism!
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