reduces call center costs by 25% through focusing on customer experience

myshoe reduces call center costs-inpost is the biggest pure online shoe e-shop in the Greek market with more than 300 brands and an admiring assortment of more than 11.000 products, that serves thousands of customers every month. has been awarded multiple times for the practices that it follows in marketing, logistics, customer service, user experience and every challenge that an online retailer has to face while obtaining the role of the leader in this market. is one of the major players in the market, with a significant market share and a vast customer base. In 2017, decided to focus even more on increasing customer lifetime value and customer loyalty

From the first day of this engagement, knew that building customer loyalty is not a project but a series of changes in the strategy and the culture of the organization. Therefore, it started by setting the following priorities:

  • Do whatever it takes to improve customer experience
  • Engage customers across all stages of their order

An iterative process that combined Listening, Thinking and Acting with existing processes has been put in place to make this happen and this is where e-satisfaction came to help. Since day one of using e-satisfaction, the customer service team of started receiving valuable feedback from customers. This feedback has been used in two ways:

  • Incident management. Every time a customer expressed a complaint through, the customer services team rushed to resolve any issues. Each incident of a customer that had a complaint was faced as a chance to prove that is dedicated to serve her (or him).
  • Ongoing Improvement. The issues that are being detected through customer feedback are forwarded to work teams consisted of all operations departments (i.e. store, accounting, technical, commercial, etc) and these teams work together to detecting improvements in processes and client needs that must be satisfied to make them loyal.

Moreover, in this ongoing improvement process used to monitor KPIs that demonstrate the impact of all the changes that are taking place in the organization. Customer Satisfaction Index, Net Promoter Score and Repurchase Intent of the customers have been established as company KPIs and the entire team of worked to improve them. And they did it! Customer Satisfaction across both Checkout and After Sales stages increased, the After Delivery NPS Score exceeded the market average by more than 16%, while more than 98% of customers that had their order delivered, stated that they would buy again from

This process of ongoing improvement had one more, really important effect. The improvement of processes and the correction of deficiencies that caused complaints, led to an impressive reduction of the calls received in the call center. After an intensive period of listening, thinking and acting, the call center traffic has been reduced by 25%, proving that a customer centric strategy really pays off!

Labros Panousis, eCommerce Director of mentioned: “Improving customer experience is vital for us, as the fight of getting better every day cannot be won without the voice of our customers flowing in every part of the organization. is important in this, as it makes sure that feedback reaches all departments of, even at the top level management. Call center costs reduction is really important for us but the most important is that we know what our customers really need and we can personally serve each and every one of them, showing how important they are for us.” is once again leading the eCommerce industry by being a great example of how customer feedback can be used and how important customer experience is. In this never ending process, uses to improve listening, define understanding and automate acting, providing an even more personalized and instant response to every customer that takes the time to help us improve”.