Put Customer Feedback & Data to work right away, by connect to your internal platforms
and maximize CX management.

Functionality Integration with Zapier
New comment from unhappy customer? Or a new lead just registered in your database? Choose a trigger point and set an action on platform (or vice versa) using our Zapier Integration.

Data Integrations
Data is extremely important in decision making! That’s why we remove the hustle from you, by integrating all your CX data into your preferred Data Dashboard, such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau or Google Data Studio (or any other of your preference). Start monitoring NPS, CSAT and more, just like you monitor every other business metric.

E-commerce Platforms Plugins
Your online store is one of your customer touchpoints, so valuable CX feedback lays there. You are in luck, since can be installed on all popular e-commerce platforms, so that you don’t miss the Voice of your Customers. 

Is your online store built in another platform? No worries, our tech team will built a plugin for that, too, as long as you ask.

How it works

Messaging Provider Integrations
With you start by opening the discussion with your customers. For that you need messaging providers to facilitate this communication. Either you want to use email, SMS and/or Viber, we’ve got you covered!

You can select different providers for different channels, from the ones we are already integrated with. If you have another provider, just name it and we’ll make sure we are integrated with that as well.  

How it works