Turning feedback from unhappy customers into an action plan, to enhance Customer Experience & improve Customer Satisfaction

Cosmos Sport SA, a member of JD Sports Fashion Plc, was founded in September of 1982. The first store opened in Heraklion-Crete and since then the network expanded 64 further physical stores in Greece & Cyprus, 4 retail brands (Cosmos Sport, Sneaker10, Sports Factory, Slamdunk) 6 online shops, and thousands of happy customers in Greece and Cyprus. Cosmos Sport is a constantly growing omnichannel company with a strong passion for sportswear, street style, and limited items. Our team consists of 800+ highly skilled, self-motivated young people, who love sports and have a passion for innovation! We are proud that Cosmossport.gr is now the No1 online store in the industry also selling abroad, having been awarded for 8 consecutive years as the best online sports shop in the country in e-volution Awards. We are excited to be a preferred partner for global brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok in the SEE.

Delivering the ultimate sports fashion experience, is one of the promises of Cosmos Sport SA, putting the customer at the center of its business strategy & culture. The company has its own Customer Experience Department, which is responsible for monitoring the Voice of their Customer, by collecting feedback in multiple customer touchpoints. Even though the CX Department has a clear view of the customer reviews every day, by using the e-satisfaction.com alerts panel, a business need arose to deliver a top-line view of the most negative factors that affect Customer Satisfaction KPIs and more specifically, the Net Promote Score.

The customer reviews collected are thousands, accompanied with comments that imply sentiment, so initially it was not easy to segment all of them. By using a proprietary tool and the power of AI, all reviews from the past year were labeled and tagged as negative, neutral, or positive to run a sentiment analysis.

The customer comments were the ultimate source of truth; the findings were critical for the business, since we identified 3 areas that accounted for the 70% of the negative reviews, on an omnichannel level:

Courier Provider: One of the 6 courier partners that Cosmos Sport SA uses, has the worst rating of all and the analysis revealed that customers complain about its slow service, the personnel attitude & the bad condition of the parcel delivered.

Packaging Issues: Some stores had issues with the packages delivered. As a result, customers that received products from these specific stores, could not try or wear the products they purchased; this caused frustration for the customers, since not only the experience was not as expected, but it also created an extra wait for them, by returning the product(s) and receiving them back properly.

Availability: Customers made it noticeably clear from their feedback, that there is a need for optimization of the online stock and set specific actions in stores that miss popular codes and/or brands.

The process will be enriched and re-produced on a quarterly level, engaging multiple departments of the organization. This is the ultimate way of creating Customer Centric habits within an organization, while thinking what your customers really want and keep delivering excellent Customer Experiences.

Stavros Theodoratos, Group eCommerce Manager of Cosmos Sport SA, stresses out the value of using our platform: “Our strategic partnership with e-satisfaction.com exceeded the expectations once again, helping us identify crucial factors that affected our NPS score through an advanced use of AI and sentiment analysis. Great result comes from great and innovative teams!”