e-satisfaction: A communication channel with customers


With more than 30 years of experience in linen products and great market knowledge spitishop.gr is interested in customer satisfaction and is always acting towards improving customer happiness. The desire to know what customers have to say and how spitishop.gr can improve its services by collecting valuable feedback from its customers encouraged us to work together with e-satisfaction.

Spitishop.gr created a contest on Facebook with the aim of increasing Instagram followers and expand the e-mail database of its fans. This contest was live for 4 weeks in March of 2016.  

From the beginning of the 2nd week, spitishop.gr activated e-satisfaction’s “Customer Feedback Automation”. Therefore, after the successful completion of the Check out and After Sales questionnaire, the post of the Facebook contest was displayed to spitishop.gr customers. This campaign yielded the following results: 20.000 shares, 105.325 new fans on Facebook and 1.785 new followers on Instagram!

After comparing the results of e-satisfaction’s embedded post and the Facebook contest post for the 3rd week, it was found that e-satisfaction’s embedded post had:

spitishop case study results

With the use of e-satisfaction, the objectives of the Facebook contest were strongly supported as the overall customers’ engagement was increased!

How spitishop.gr perceives e-satisfaction’s value?

“Apart from a communication channel, e-satisfaction provides us with all the needed information to start creating targeted marketing campaigns. Customers’ testimonials are one of the strongest marketing tools of an e-Business and e-satisfaction is helping us to create a holistic toolbox”

Mpezioulas Themis, Spitishop.gr

Hence, e-satisfaction strengthened the positive results of spitishop’s Facebook contest and is constantly providing great insights towards the creation of targeted marketing campaigns, as customer’s feedback is a milestone for the e-Business and its upward course.