AB Vasilopoulos improved key Operations after grabbing Customer Voice online



AB Vassilopoulos is one of the most known supermarket chains in Greece and member of Ahold Group. In 2014, AB Vasilopoulos launched a brand new e-shop and introduced a new and modern way of grocery shopping to Greek customers. It is the first time since 1939, that natural and human contact with customers takes place during delivery, which is the last stage of the transaction journey. To maintain the high level of customer satisfaction that is in the top of AB Vasilopoulos’ strategy, it was necessary to get information and customer feedback about this last contact point and discover problems throughout all stages of the customer journey that is completed through the e-shop: namely, while browsing, to completion of a checkout and after order delivery. In addition to keeping track of customers’ feedback, this service should also immediately notify the customer service team, when needed, and provide assistance to customers who experience difficulties.

Objective & Solution

The most important thing every e-shop should know and track, is how satisfied and how loyal its customers are. For this reason, AB Vasilopoulos had to find a secure and credible way to measure NPS (Net Promoter Score), which is one of the most meaningful satisfaction metrics (read more about NPS in this article). This is where e-satisfaction came in the picture to provide a credible and easy way  to track Net Promoter Score across the entire journey of each consumer in the e-shop.

By measuring and tracking NPS with e-satisfaction and by being alerted for incidents of customers having a complaint,  AB Vasilopoulos makes immediate changes when scores are reduced below certain threasholds.


Mr. Stefanos Falkonakis, e-commerce manager of AB Vassilopoulos states “after using e-satisfaction for 1 year, I must admit that it is a necessary part of our e-life”. The following results speak for themselves.

  • Collect valuable and direct feedback regarding customer’s needs
  • Respond to our customers’ requests that are related to delivery or products within 1 to 2 hours, while in the past we needed 12 hours to do so
  • 5% – 10% increase of the customer satisfaction index, measured by e-satisfaction, with our immediate response to customers’ request/complaints
  • Increased in our loyal customers and repeated purchases by demonstrating an anthropocentric attitude
  • More than 100 improvements in the UX of our website  have been made in response to a certain feedback