Praktiker Understands its customers with e-satisfaction


Praktiker Hellas is established as the no. 1 DIY & Home Improvement Stores in Greece, since 1991. Praktiker Hellas primary vision is the excellent and personalized service to its customers, offering them ideas and solutions that meet all their needs and exceed their expectations.

The Challenges

As part of its ongoing optimization process of its e-shop ( Praktiker Hellas wanted to identify ways to increase traffic and engagement of its visitors, while at the same time examine ways to improve the experience of online visitors. In this process, Praktiker Hellas wanted to examine:

  • the effect that various marketing channels (physical and digital) have on online traffic, and
  • how easy it is for visitors of the website to find products in the e-shop and how they can help customers in this process.


In this research and optimization process, Praktiker utilized one of the features that e-satisfaction provides, the custom questions. By using this features, Praktiker Hellas collected feedback from more than 40.000 visitors of its website, responding on custom questions and

  • Identified improvements on navigation and on the ‘tips & ideas’ section of the e-shop, through visitors’ feedback
  • Measured the major impact that offline stores and printed leaflets have on the online traffic of
  • Evaluated the contribution of TV campaigns on the traffic of the e-shop
  • Identified that there is a significant part of the e-shop’s visitors that visited the e-shop after a recommendation of their friends and family, proving that doing a good job in delivering quality experience to online visitors has long term benefits for Praktiker Hellas.

By using this information Praktiker Hellas is able to make better decisions, not based on behavioral analytics tools, but based on the real voice and real needs of its customers. At the same time, by utilizing the knowledge extracted about the origin of each visitor, Praktiker Hellas can better evaluate offline and online marketing channels and optimize the spending of the available marketing budget. The use of e-satisfaction in this engagement proves that Praktiker Hellas truly cares about what can be additionally offered to customers in the journey of optimizing their experience and is a solid proof of the customer centric approach that paves the path of Praktiker Hellas to success.

In this process, e-satisfaction is playing an important role, as it helps the team of Praktiker Hellas to easily ask new questions to better understand its customers and start leveraging this feedback to create human centric campaigns around their real needs.