3 easy ways to make e-satisfaction’s Customer Experience Badge work for you

make the Customer Experience Badge work for you

You do keep your promise of providing an outstanding customer experience and it is shown in e-satisfaction’s Customer Experience Badge! We give you a big applause for that!

Several customers have asked us:

How can I use the Customer Experience Badge to get more customers?

Here are 3 easy ways to promote your customer experience scores, shown through Customer Experience Badge, using e-satisfaction and with no involvement of your technical team.

1) Share through our social share automation

The first and simplest action you can do is to use the power of social media to show your customers your Customer Experience scores, through a Facebook Post with a snapshot of the Customer Experience Badge, demonstrating that your customers had a great shopping experience while purchasing from your e-Business! It is your time, to spread the good news.

By using e-satisfaction’s social share Humanized Marketing Automation you can further improve the engagement of this post by showing this Facebook post to clients that just provided feedback. This way you let them know that they are part of a happy customers clan and you provide them the with a clear action…like, share and comment! This is why engagement rate is really high, reaching up to 28x the average engagement rate of a normal post, as show in this case study.

2) Show your scores and call for action

A good score is something you don’t want your customers to miss and a great place to show it is to customers that just left feedback, but these are engaged customers with full attention that just finished a purchase funnel, help them make the next step!
What would the next step be? You know better (i.e. join our loyalty program, visit our stores, follow us on Instagram) but this is a good time to remind them that you really care about them and you are doing great job while serving your clients! Create an engaging visual with your Customer Experience Badge that has a great score on it, say thank you for helping us being the best and add a call to action button that takes them to the action you want them to thank you more!  

3) Ask for a Referral

You may have heard about the Refer a Friend mechanism, one of the out of the box Humanized Marketing Automations provided by e-satisfaction, that you can use to help your customers share their love about you, increasing profits and generating revenues with no marketing cost like Maison Marasil did in this case study.

An idea that you could use to further increase the effectiveness of this mechanism is to include a snapshot of your customer experience score in the referral mail, so that the friends of your happy customers better understand that you are really doing a great job, their friends are telling you do and hundreds other customers say that you do! Build trust in the first mail and be sure they will come!


No matter what, all you need to do is be creative and human oriented. E-satisfaction’s Customer Experience Badge is a summary of your customer’s voices and you should think “how can I let people know that I am that good, now that I have it documented?

Make your future customers know that you care about them and make them trust you! Make them say “I know that when I will be buying from there, everything will be perfect!”.

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