Case Study: L’Artigiano

How L’Artigiano achieved a 39% Response Rate with the help of, while their customers keep on eagerly offering them feedback!

How L’Artigiano achieved a 39% Response Rate with the help of, while their customers keep on eagerly offering them feedback!

About L’ Artigiano


L’Artigiano is one of most renowned Greek franchise chains in the italian food delivery sector with 20 restaurants, more than 400 employees and a presence that spans well over 25 years.

L’Artigiano +


With a customer-centric approach and a wish to maintain a constant and open dialogue with their audience, L’Artigiano has dynamically invested in digital solutions and tools, and as of late, the company has focused its attention in attracting younger audiences, aged 20-35. 

So it has been almost a year now since L’Artigiano has started working together with, making the most of the platform’s ready-to-use feedback collection and engagement mechanisms, in an effort to further boost their customer-driven efforts.  

Objectives  & Challenges


L’Artigiano had come prepared, having been aware from the outset of the value embedded in CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) and NPS (Net Promoter Score), as well as that of other relative metrics that measure the quality of a product delivered to a customer. Their intention and objective was and still is the methodical measuring and monitoring of said metrics, a process that results in illuminating the weaker areas in need of improvement and the strong points that are fit to be communicated. 

However, the initial customer response was not the expected one, so it became clear that fresh and creative ideas would be the secret ingredient for perfecting the recipe for the right type of communication, at the right time!



The collaboration between Anastasia and Maria from L’Artigiano and e-satisfaction’s Customer Success team yielded the desired results! Through the implementation of best practices that correspond to the needs of L’Artigiano’s audience and the activation and measuring of an extra metric, that of Customer Effort Score (CES), Response Rate was gradually improved, the amount of feedback multiplied and customer engagement is getting stronger everyday, without having to retort to incentive-based tactics. 

The 5 practices that skyrocketed Response Rates (RR)


  • Enticing and to-the-point subject lines and email body texts that capture customers’ attention and get them to answer the questionnaires.
  • Straightforward questions that effortlessly communicate the objective and reason for the customers’ participation.
  • Evaluation of the frequency of asking for feedback so that the customers will not feel “spammed”, thus helping them to find value in their responses.
  • Aesthetically pleasing questionnaires and branded assets on every customer touchpoint (emails, surveys, thank you pages).
  • Mobile optimization, since a considerable number of customers have opted for communication with brands via smartphone.

How Customer Effort Score (CES) contributed in gathering valuable feedback?


L’Artigiano knows that their customers’ experience begins with an order. Naturally, they wanted to find out what customers think about their website’s navigation.

This particular need led to the activation of Customer Effort Score (CES). CES is a valuable metric when it comes to the evaluation of the efficiency of customer service teams. Eventually, CES has also proven to be equally effective in self service experiences, such as website navigation and check-out process completion

The question typically used to measure CES is along the lines of “How easy was it for you to complete your order?” 

Having already passed the test of Response Rate increase with flying colours, feedback collection through CES was impressive, right from the start. By posing the aforementioned question and gathering the scores generated by customer responses, L’Artigiano is now able to shine a light on the “effort” made by visitors when browsing their website. And this piece of intel can only lead to one thing: a continuously enhanced experience that will boost customer satisfaction! 



Coherent questions, optimized positioning (on desktop and mobile alike) and a brief but highly targeted questionnaire combined with an already satisfying level of customer experience from previous L’Artigiano surveys, to produce a 39% Response Rate!

This number surpassed all expectations, especially considering that -based on international CX reports- the highest expected Response Rate is estimated at 25%, while 10%-20% Response Rates are classified as reasonable. 

And the most significant result? Customers continue to provide answers and share their experiences with L’Artigiano! 

Furthermore, the feedback generated through CES surveys is already being used in the process of L’Artigiano’s website redesign! 


Key Takeaways


Making the most of the data gathered through the online platform, L’Artigiano executes effectively targeted and segmented promotional campaigns via an array of marketing tools like e-mails, social media posts, rewards etc.

What has become apparent, through trial and error, is that when brands decide to pay serious attention to their customers’ experiences and act on their comments, then: 

  • Engagement is considerably enhanced and this positively affects the customers’ intent to keep participating in questionnaires.
  • A Response Rate increase has been proven to occur.
  • Customer feedback can serve as the basis for the process of improving a brand’s products and services. 

To sum up, L’Artigiano’s case proves that customers are… hungry to share their opinions through questionnaires, providing that a solid strategy has been set up and a customer satisfaction platform has been employed to ensure an effortless and successful implementation.


Discover how you can collect feedback and enjoy a fruitful, long-lasting communication with your customers with! – 3 συστατικά που δημιουργούν εκατοντάδες 5-star reviews

Πως ένα νέο online pet shop απόκτησε φανατικούς πελάτες που μιλάνε παντού γι’αυτό!

Το είναι ένα online pet shop που έκανε τα πρώτα του βήματα το 2016 με το όραμα να γίνει το pet shop που θα γίνει γνωστό για την άριστη εμπειρία που προσφέρει στους μικρούς (και μεγάλους) φίλους του. Η στρατηγική αυτή είναι σίγουρη επιτυχία καθώς η αξία των χαρούμενων πελατών είναι αναμφισβήτητη. Σύμφωνα με την Bain and Coμια επιχείρηση που καταφέρνει να αυξήσει τους πελάτες που επιστρέφουν κατά 5%, πετυχαίνουν αύξηση της κερδοφορίας κατά 75%!

Αυτή η συνταγή επιτυχίας έκανε το Gatoskilo να διαφοροποιηθεί σε μια αγορά στην οποία κυριαρχούσαν μεγάλες αλυσίδες με φυσικά καταστήματα. H άψογη εκτέλεση της στρατηγικής αυτής αποτυπώνεται στο πόσο πολύ μιλάνε για το Gatoskilo οι πελάτες του σε φίλους, γνωστούς και σε σημεία όπως το Google Places, το Skroutz και το Facebook Reviews.


Η συνταγή επιτυχίας του ήταν βασισμένη σε 3 βασικά συστατικά, όλα σχετικά με την εξυπηρέτηση και την εμπειρία του πελάτη.

Συστατικό Α – Προσωποποιημένη Εξυπηρέτηση

Το πρώτο και βασικότερο συστατικό της εμπειρίας που σχεδίασε το για τους πελάτες του είναι η άψογη και προσωποποιημένη εξυπηρέτηση. Κάθε πελάτης αισθάνεται ότι έχει πολυετή σχέση με το προσωπικό του pet shop, από τη πρώτη κιόλας στιγμή. Το Gatoskilo,  εισάγοντας σε συστήματα και διαδικασίες που χρησιμοποιεί τις πληροφορίες του πελάτη και του κατοικιδίου του, φροντίζει σε σημαντικά στάδια της εμπειρίας του να υπενθυμίζει στον κάθε πελάτη τη σχέση που έχουν.

Μερικές μόνο από τις περιστάσεις στις οποίες το αξιοποιεί αυτή τη πληροφορία γράφοντας πάνω στο δέμα χειρόγραφα το όνομα του κατοικιδίου, όταν κάποιος πελάτης παίρνει τηλέφωνο, αλλά και σε κάθε επαφή με πελάτη, είτε στο κατάστημα, είτε στο τηλέφωνο, είτε online.

Συστατικό Β – Μέτρηση του Customer Experience 

Σε έναν πελατοκεντρικό οργανισμό το feedback των πελατών του παίζει εξαιρετικά σημαντικό ρόλο. Αξιοποιώντας τον έτοιμο μηχανισμό συλλογής feedback για omnichannel retail του, το Gatoskilo ξεκίνησε από τη πρώτη μέρα να παίρνει feedback από τους πελάτες του.

Η καλή δουλειά που έκανε το προσωπικό στην επικοινωνία με τους πελάτες αποτυπώθηκε και στο ποσοστό των πελατών που απαντά στο feedback, το οποίο ξεπερνά το 32%!

Δείκτες όπως το Net Promoter Score (NPS), το ποσοστό των πελατών που δηλώνουν ότι θα αγοράσουν ξανά, το Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), αλλά και επιμέρους δείκτες που μετρούν την ικανοποίηση από την εξυπηρέτηση, το packaging, τη διαδικασία αγοράς, την ποικιλία των προϊόντων και πολλοί άλλοι έγιναν αναπόσπαστα μέρη του τακτικού reporting και τα alerts που στέλνει η πλατφόρμα όταν εντοπίζεται κάποιο παράπονο ενσωματώθηκαν στη καθημερινότητα του customer service.

Χαρακτηριστική είναι η δήλωση του Χρήστου Κουνάβη, Γενικού Διευθυντή του Gatoskilo, που αναφέρει  “Ο καλύτερος δείκτης επιτυχίας στη δουλειά μας είναι η ικανοποίηση του πελάτη. Δίκαιος, απόλυτος και άρρηκτα συνδεδεμένος με την ανάπτυξη. Για το λόγο αυτό, τα πρώτα χρόνια είχαμε στόχο το 99% των πελατών που παραλαμβάνουν τη παραγγελία τους να δηλώνουν ότι θα αγοράσουν ξανά από το και το καταφέραμε!”

Συστατικό Γ – Closing the  Loop 

Παρότι το feedback από μόνο του έδινε στοιχεία διαφοροποίησης από την αγορά, το κάνοντας ένα βήμα παραπάνω αξιοποίησε το feedback των πελατών του, ειδικά των ικανοποιημένων.

Το πρώτο feature του που χρησιμοποίησε το Gatoskilo ηταν το Customer Experience Badge και αυτό δεν ήταν καθόλου τυχαίο.

Σαν νέο e-shop ήταν πολύ σημαντικό να κερδίσει την εμπιστοσύνη των επισκεπτών που έμπαιναν πρώτη φορά στη σελίδα του.Το badge του σε συνδυασμό με την άριστη εξυπηρέτηση πέτυχε αυτό το στόχο.

Αυτό ήταν μόνο η αρχή!

Ο πιο αποτελεσματικός τρόπος αξιοποίησης της καλής εξυπηρέτησης στην οποία επένδυσε το Gatoskilo ήταν οι μηχανισμοί Refer & Review του Τα αποτελέσματα ήταν εξαιρετικά!

Τελικά τα έχει καταφέρει;

Ναι! Ναι! Ναι!  Η σύντομη ιστορία του είναι η καλύτερη απόδειξη ότι το Customer Experience είναι η συνταγή που κερδίζει στο χώρο του OmniChannel Retail. Μόλις 4 χρόνια μετά την ίδρυση του, το θεωρείται ένα από τα σταθερά ανερχόμενα Online Pet Shops και κάθε χρόνο ο ρυθμός ανάπτυξης του πολλαπλασιάζεται.


Ο δείκτης που αποτυπώνει την επιτυχία είναι η πιστότητα πελάτη (loyalty). “Από την αρχή της πορείας μας βασικός δείκτης ήταν το ποσοστό του τζίρου  που έρχεται από πελάτες που έχουν αγοράσει ξανά. Αυτό το ποσοστό είναι υψηλό και συνεχώς αυξάνεται, παρά την πολύ γρήγορη ανάπτυξη μας. Αυτό δείχνει ότι θα είμαστε εδώ για πολλά χρόνια ακόμα” αναφέρει ο Χρήστος και συμπληρώνει “Σε αυτή την πορεία το έπαιξε σημαντικό ρόλο καθώς πρόσφερε έτοιμο ένα μεγάλο μέρος της μεθοδολογίας που ακολουθούμε σήμερα σε κάθε στάδιο εξυπηρέτησης του πελάτη.”

6 Steps to Worthwhile Marketing Automation!

Automation could be the best thing to happen to digital marketing. The current marketing landscape is so vast and competitive that anything offering the ability to improve workflows without sacrificing the effectiveness of campaigns is worth its weight in gold. But, as useful as it is, marketing automation is only as good as the marketing being automated.

Automation could be the best thing to happen to digital marketing. The current marketing landscape is so vast and competitive that anything offering the ability to improve workflows – saving time and increasing productivity- without sacrificing the effectiveness of campaigns is worth its weight in gold.

The evolution of marketing automation technology presents opportunities that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Marketing automation has the potential to make lead generation easier and more efficient than ever. However, the success of any lead generation tactic has always be depended upon the effectiveness of the strategy supporting it.

Having a piece of software to take care of the bulk of your marketing, frees you up to focus on other areas of the business, like research and development, customer experience and a huge backlog of e-mails in your inbox.

But, as useful as it is, marketing automation is only as good as the marketing being automated.

Automation can’t make miracles. It can’t make bad marketing look good.

This makes the process before setting your automation extremely important. This is exactly where the human element should make its robust presence. The marketing team must come up with a solid strategy – one that gives automation the best possible chance of getting positive return on investment.

To achieve this, there are 6 steps that need to be pursued!

Step 1 – Market Research

 “Marketing without research is like driving with your eyes closed” – Dan Zarrella.

During your research, you should find out the following:

  • Who is your targeted audience?
  • What do they look like?
  • What they consider when making a purchase
  • What prices they feel are appropriate
  • Their likes and dislikes of current products/services
  • Things they would like to see improved

Collect this data, analyze them and also take a look at how competitors operate. 

Step 2 – Find your voice

People tend to buy on emotion and justify with logic. It seems that they want to feel a connection with a brand or business. This connection surely comes from how you present yourself.

Your brand’s tone of voice should be in keeping your audience and in speaking the same language as they are. Your tone of voice needs to be aligned with your overall brand message – one that instantly informs people who you are and why you are their best choice.

Step 3 – Establish point of communication

How are you going to reach your audience?

An obvious choice is social media. Facebook has over 2 billion users, Instagram over 800 million, Twitter 330 million and LinkedIn over 450 million. There is also YouTube, where over 1 billion watch videos every day, and platforms such as Pinterest, Snapchat, Viber, Google+, all of which have user bases in the hundreds of millions.

Your audience surely exists on social media, it is up to you to find out where.

Step 4 – Create a campaign

Design and build your campaign with the customer in mind. Your market research can help guide this process. Take what your audience is into and use it to inspire something memorable that fits in with your brand story.

You might not get it right from the first time, but you have the next step to amend that.

Step 5 – Testing, testing

It is always about testing. From designs to content to email headlines to customer segmentation, test everything. Test campaigns against different points of communications to find out what works, what needs improvement and what doesn’t belong there.

Test one thing at a time, gather all need information and concrete statistics and then, it is time for optimization.

Test, learn, adjust and test again!

Step 6 – Showing the human behind the automation

With the above steps in order, marketing is ready to be automated, but the human element shouldn’t disappear from the whole picture.

Automation delivers your message to your target audience as efficiently as possible, but it’s important to remember that you are marketing to people; and these people want to feel that there is a personal connection with the business.

To conclude…

Automation only displays what you feed it withFollow the above steps and you will be rewarded with the results your efforts deserve!

Israel 2.0: Building a startup network in 5 days

The DLD Innovation festival is over and it’s our job to share the knowledge and expertise that we got from 5 days of exposure to Israel’s community and all the networking that we had the opportunity to create in just a few days.

Author: I. Papikas, Senior Product Manager,

In my previous blog post we had the opportunity to get to know the Israeli community and culture through a short visit to Tel Aviv’s well known companies like SimilarWeb and a short talk with IBM’s partners responsible for the accelerator network on site.

The DLD Innovation festival is over and it’s a great moment to share the knowledge and expertise that we got from 5 days of exposure to Israel’s community and all the network that we had the opportunity to create in just a few days.


I couldn’t continue writing this article without mentioning once again the term Firgun, genuine, unselfish delight or pride in the accomplishment of other people. After just 5 days in Tel Aviv, I still feel it strong in my head, the feeling that it’s awesome to help others without a self gain and contribute to any community, either tech or business, with your own experience and expertise.

During our time in Tel Aviv, we visited a lot of companies and a lot of accelerator programs and funds. After each visit, I was more and more confident about the Israeli culture and network, including the reachability of investors and funds anywhere in the city.

One of the strongest feelings that I had from my visit is about how connected eceryone is in the Israeli startup community. On every presentation and talk, everyone started with two points:

  • How big is the Israeli ecosystem in numbers (startups and entrepreneurs)
  • How to connect with anyone in the city

Everything and everyone is connected and transparent so that individuals but also companies can work together towards common or similar goals. Knowing your ecosystem is not only networking but is power that if used right can help you go faster and further, and avoid unnecessary obstacles with no delay.



Hearing Jerusalem, I had in mind an ancient city where there is too much religion and conflicts over religion. WRONG! Jerusalem is much more active than Tel Aviv, using its small size to allow all entrepreneurs, companies and funds to operate together and connect with people all over the world.

We had the opportunity to visit Jerusalem’s Made In Jerusalem, a non-profit organization that works close with Boston’s Mass Challenge organization in helping startups grow through their accelerator program. Made In Jerusalem showed us some of their most promising startups and shared with us their secret ingredient of success.

In addition, we had the opportunity to meet with OurCrowd, a special crowdfunding platform that allows investors to support startups using equity crowdfunding. They provide services and funds to startups through their platform, startups can create their profiles and connect with investors. The best thing about companies like OurCrowd is the fact that they are very easy to approach and they make funding much more easier.

DLD Innovation Festival

Startups? Yes. Investors? Must. Amazing Talks? Yes. Networking? Absolutely! That’s how I could somehow describe DLD Innovation Festival as we experienced it during Day 4, and you would still get only a glimpse of it.

As part of the Greek Delegation, invited by the Embassy of Israel in Athens, I could wander all round DLD and network with so many people with different ideas, networks and feelings. I had the opportunity to meet and network with accelerator programs from Italy, Israel (obviously) and partners from Romania, China and a few other countries.

DLD gave us the opportunity to be part of amazing talks given by people with strong profiles like Yossi Vardi, Chairman of DLD, Chris Fabian, Head of Innovation in Unicef, Keren Fanan, Global Head of Growth in Gett, Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, Jeroen Tas, Chief Innovation Strategy Officer in Philips and Pierre Louette, General Secretary in Orange, just to name a few.


Would I go again? Absolutely! We are more than ready to create partnerships and technology transfer between Greek and Israeli companies. However, I believe that the goal of all this is to be able to nurture Greek culture to become a very big and rich ecosystem of startups and entrepreneurs, an action that will improve our way of living (and thinking) so that we can create a better future.

Expanding business and expertise from and to Israeli startup community

Author: I. Papikas, Senior Product Manager,

First day is already gone and we already feel like we gained about a month of accumulated knowledge from the experts and known companies in the Israeli start-up community.

What am I talking about? The DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival of course, which takes place in Tel Aviv this September, like every September, to gather entrepreneurs, startups, companies and investors from all over the world to meet, grow their network, make partnerships and synergies and even invest or get funded.

I am in DLD Festival representing that has been invited by the Embassy of Israel in Athens, Greece to be a part of the Greek Delegation in the conference and supported by the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award. I am here with Greek promising startups that have been sent to exchange expertise with the local startup community and understand what makes the Israeli community so successful. During this trip we have the opportunity to understand how Israel manages technology and how companies in Israel work together with Universities, Public sector, Military and many other giant companies to allow sustainable growth which overcomes Greece’s by 40%.

The Culture

The very first thing that we learned on our very first meeting in Tel Aviv was about the unique culture of Israel and their entrepreneurs, an asset which makes them compete with the top startup cultures in the world, very close to the ones in Silicon Valley. And what is the key value of their culture? They call it chutzpah, a word that describes the courage, the strength, the stamina and the nerve to question almost everything around them, from military rankings to new technologies and processes. This attitude is what drives them further and further towards their goals, or faster and faster to their failures so that they can start up again. Work fast, fail faster is serious and we should never forget it.

Another characteristic that drives them, their curiosity, knowledge and expertise is the power of sharing. They believe in information sharing inside their ecosystem in order to help themselves grow fast and big. They call it Firgun, which describes genuine, unselfish delight or pride in the accomplishment of the other. They are willing to tell their story with everyone that is willing to hear, share mistakes and save others from doing them again, but also to share successes so that everyone can succeed as a team.

If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

The Business

During our visit in our first day, we managed to book a private presentation of one of the most successful startups in Israel, Similar Web.

esatisfaction - DLD Festival - Papikas

Similar Web, a unique Website traffic data analysis service that powers startups and companies with their freemium model of providing the right analytics for any website in the world helping everyone to understand the business, the market and the effect of actions in the future by observing the past, the present while they deal with the trends of the market.

We learned what it takes to really have a secret weapon in your armory, power up your entire intelligence and innovate. So, if you think that you have this something special, take it to the world for a show-off. And then iterate, iterate and iterate until you make it right.

In this meeting, I realized the amount of attention that we have to give to our customers, and their customers so that we can keep everyone happy, pleased and in the loop. You have to take care of the customer from their very first step and for every step of their way. Keeping current customers can be much more expensive than acquiring new ones, but if you do it right and strategically, you will succeed big time.

Finally, growth and culture are two things that can easily stand against each other, when in rapid growth and continuous hires. If there was one thing that got into me, this is: Hire slow, fire fast. Relocate and let the team play along at the same place.


I would like, now more than ever, to quote Ghandi and allow me to simplify it and keep it short:

Be The Change You Want To See In The World

Change within and make the world a better place.