uses customer feedback to further optimize their website!

For, customer experience plays an important role in their culture and in their way of doing business! With and after collecting customer feedback for 8 months, identified that customers were experiencing some malfunctions in their website and decided to make some changes! was created to offer Style for mobile. Their aim is to give to your favorite smartphone style, character and color with modern accessories in very good quality and at affordable prices.

Within a wide range of stores and e-shops in the industry of smartphone accessories, aims to make the difference.


By providing customers with a variety of products and a well designed and structured e-shop with certified electronics and accessories in affordable prices for everyone.


For, customer experience plays an important role in their culture and in their way of doing business! The customer service team never lets customer complaints unresolved and they are always trying to find an immediate solution to any problem that might occur.

With and after collecting customer feedback for 8 months, identified that customers were experiencing some malfunctions in product categories section while browsing from desktop as well as from their mobile devices. also received several customer comments regarding products that were out of stock, courier service provider and the tracking of their order.

Therefore, itrend’s objective was to optimize their website according to customers feedback and as a result, to create a better customer experience and increase customer’s level of happiness!

How used customer feedback and what changes they made? monitored and recorded customer’s feedback and comments in specific metrics, such as general satisfaction, easiness of use, availability of products, feeling secure to buy etc. According to the feedback in these metrics they designed and proceeded with the following optimizations:

  • While consumers were navigating, their feedback and comments indicated that they faced some difficulties in finding a specific product. For that reason, has created a new structure in their website, making possible and easier to combine search filters. In general, search filters were re-designed to be simple and adaptable to any device (desktop, mobile, tablet etc.) with the aim of facilitating navigation throughout their website.
  • They made the tracking process easier by notifying customers via SMS but also, by giving them the opportunity to monitor their order online.
  • They inserted bigger product photos and they used more photos per product, to improve rates on the product presentation metric.
  • Low ratings were observed on product availability. When a product was temporarily out of stock, it continued to appear on their website. Now, the out of stock label appears in these specific products and therefore, customers are informed whether a product is in stock or not and whether they can proceed with their purchase.

What changed after that?

After the completion of the above changes, it was observed that consumers were happier than before, and this was reflected in their feedback and comments!

As you may see in the following graphs there was a change in Customer’s Satisfaction score and in other key metrics, such as site usability, product availability, product variety and product presentation.


Check out_metrics_itrend

Note: The blue column indicates the period when was collecting customer’s feedback to explicitly identify which changes should be made and which elements are of great importance to customers. On the other hand, the orange column indicates the period when changes had already been made and the team of was monitoring customers’ feedback to identify whether these changes had an impact on their happiness.

Moreover, a positive change in the percentage of the customers who are willing to recommend to family, friends or colleagues was present. You may see this change, in the following diagram.

Well done for this amazing work and thank you for helping us make e-Business Customer Centric! reduces call center costs by 25% through focusing on customer experience

Doing whatever it takes to improve customer experience and engage customers across all stages of their journey, reduced call center costs by 25%.

myshoe reduces call center costs-inpost is the biggest pure online shoe e-shop in the Greek market with more than 300 brands and an admiring assortment of more than 11.000 products, that serves thousands of customers every month. has been awarded multiple times for the practices that it follows in marketing, logistics, customer service, user experience and every challenge that an online retailer has to face while obtaining the role of the leader in this market. is one of the major players in the market, with a significant market share and a vast customer base. In 2017, decided to focus even more on increasing customer lifetime value and customer loyalty

From the first day of this engagement, knew that building customer loyalty is not a project but a series of changes in the strategy and the culture of the organization. Therefore, it started by setting the following priorities:

  • Do whatever it takes to improve customer experience
  • Engage customers across all stages of their order

An iterative process that combined Listening, Thinking and Acting with existing processes has been put in place to make this happen and this is where e-satisfaction came to help. Since day one of using e-satisfaction, the customer service team of started receiving valuable feedback from customers. This feedback has been used in two ways:

  • Incident management. Every time a customer expressed a complaint through, the customer services team rushed to resolve any issues. Each incident of a customer that had a complaint was faced as a chance to prove that is dedicated to serve her (or him).
  • Ongoing Improvement. The issues that are being detected through customer feedback are forwarded to work teams consisted of all operations departments (i.e. store, accounting, technical, commercial, etc) and these teams work together to detecting improvements in processes and client needs that must be satisfied to make them loyal.

Moreover, in this ongoing improvement process used to monitor KPIs that demonstrate the impact of all the changes that are taking place in the organization. Customer Satisfaction Index, Net Promoter Score and Repurchase Intent of the customers have been established as company KPIs and the entire team of worked to improve them. And they did it! Customer Satisfaction across both Checkout and After Sales stages increased, the After Delivery NPS Score exceeded the market average by more than 16%, while more than 98% of customers that had their order delivered, stated that they would buy again from

This process of ongoing improvement had one more, really important effect. The improvement of processes and the correction of deficiencies that caused complaints, led to an impressive reduction of the calls received in the call center. After an intensive period of listening, thinking and acting, the call center traffic has been reduced by 25%, proving that a customer centric strategy really pays off!

Labros Panousis, eCommerce Director of mentioned: “Improving customer experience is vital for us, as the fight of getting better every day cannot be won without the voice of our customers flowing in every part of the organization. is important in this, as it makes sure that feedback reaches all departments of, even at the top level management. Call center costs reduction is really important for us but the most important is that we know what our customers really need and we can personally serve each and every one of them, showing how important they are for us.” is once again leading the eCommerce industry by being a great example of how customer feedback can be used and how important customer experience is. In this never ending process, uses to improve listening, define understanding and automate acting, providing an even more personalized and instant response to every customer that takes the time to help us improve”.

How increased their positive reviews by 79%!

Ebnb increased by 79% their positive reviews on! The filtered data export feature of e-satisfaction helped to segment their customers based on their level of satisfaction throughout their entire customer journey with just one-click! is an online store, selling mobile phone accessories and spare parts to consumers, since 2012. Their goal is to provide customers with a wide range of high quality accessories at the best price in the market. At the same time, ebnb’s main priority is to provide customers an outstanding customer experience throughout their entire journey.

Challenges and Objectives

Competition is really strong in the vertical of mobile phone accessories and spare parts. Therefore, ebnb wanted to proactively act and create a strong competitive advantage. Their main objective is to increase reviews in their profile on, a really popular price comparison engine in  Greece where a review section can be found for each store, hosting comments from customers that had an experience from this store. As price comparison is positioned close to the end of the customer journey, providing more reviews and customer comments at the point of the journey where customers compare prices, thus deciding where to buy from, does have a significantly positive effect to conversion rate. This is also apparent to too, as the five level star rating is listed alongside with the price of every product.


To help them increase reviews and customer comments, exploited the power of Humanized Marketing and As the number of customers that had positive experience when buying from is increasing day by day, was looking for a easy way to find who are the customers that would promote its brand and activate them on a frequent basis, motivating them to spread the word of their positive experience.

This is where e-satisfaction came in has been using e-satisfaction for almost 2 years, proving its commitment  to always doing its best to provide a better customer service. In this case, the team of created a mailing list of satisfied customers and promoters that is constantly updating and then drafted a process through which every 2 weeks these customers were asked to leave a review on for 


The call to review campaigns send by were welcomed by their customers and marked high engagement rates. An example is the mail campaign of May 2nd 2017 that was sent to 39 customers, and had 56.4% open rate and 20.5% click rate!

This type of activation mail campaigns started October 2016 and until today the following results have been achieved:

  • 79% increase on positive reviews (total 199 positive reviews)
  • A significant number of customer comments with more than 90% being positive comments, considering shipping time, good prices and the large product mix

By closely taking care of all the small details that make customers happy, creates a positive experience that customers are willing to share without having to motivate them with a discount or an offer. The impressive engagement of’s customers proves that. Our happy customers are there, waiting for us to meet them, know them and work with them to create a customer centric e-business for them!

Praktiker Understands its customers with e-satisfaction

Praktiker is able to make better decisions based on the real voice and real needs of its customers! The custom questions feature of e-satisfaction helped Praktiker to better understand its customers and respond accordingly to their requests and feedback after collecting more than 40.000 answers.


Praktiker Hellas is established as the no. 1 DIY & Home Improvement Stores in Greece, since 1991. Praktiker Hellas primary vision is the excellent and personalized service to its customers, offering them ideas and solutions that meet all their needs and exceed their expectations.

The Challenges

As part of its ongoing optimization process of its e-shop ( Praktiker Hellas wanted to identify ways to increase traffic and engagement of its visitors, while at the same time examine ways to improve the experience of online visitors. In this process, Praktiker Hellas wanted to examine:

  • the effect that various marketing channels (physical and digital) have on online traffic, and
  • how easy it is for visitors of the website to find products in the e-shop and how they can help customers in this process.


In this research and optimization process, Praktiker utilized one of the features that e-satisfaction provides, the custom questions. By using this features, Praktiker Hellas collected feedback from more than 40.000 visitors of its website, responding on custom questions and

  • Identified improvements on navigation and on the ‘tips & ideas’ section of the e-shop, through visitors’ feedback
  • Measured the major impact that offline stores and printed leaflets have on the online traffic of
  • Evaluated the contribution of TV campaigns on the traffic of the e-shop
  • Identified that there is a significant part of the e-shop’s visitors that visited the e-shop after a recommendation of their friends and family, proving that doing a good job in delivering quality experience to online visitors has long term benefits for Praktiker Hellas.

By using this information Praktiker Hellas is able to make better decisions, not based on behavioral analytics tools, but based on the real voice and real needs of its customers. At the same time, by utilizing the knowledge extracted about the origin of each visitor, Praktiker Hellas can better evaluate offline and online marketing channels and optimize the spending of the available marketing budget. The use of e-satisfaction in this engagement proves that Praktiker Hellas truly cares about what can be additionally offered to customers in the journey of optimizing their experience and is a solid proof of the customer centric approach that paves the path of Praktiker Hellas to success.

In this process, e-satisfaction is playing an important role, as it helps the team of Praktiker Hellas to easily ask new questions to better understand its customers and start leveraging this feedback to create human centric campaigns around their real needs.

AB Vasilopoulos improved key Operations after grabbing Customer Voice online

“By demonstrating an anthropocentric attitude and by giving our customers the feeling that we are always by their side, customer experience was enhanced in respect to the purchasing process  and an increase in our loyal customers and in repeated purchases has been achieved”



AB Vassilopoulos is one of the most known supermarket chains in Greece and member of Ahold Group. In 2014, AB Vasilopoulos launched a brand new e-shop and introduced a new and modern way of grocery shopping to Greek customers. It is the first time since 1939, that natural and human contact with customers takes place during delivery, which is the last stage of the transaction journey. To maintain the high level of customer satisfaction that is in the top of AB Vasilopoulos’ strategy, it was necessary to get information and customer feedback about this last contact point and discover problems throughout all stages of the customer journey that is completed through the e-shop: namely, while browsing, to completion of a checkout and after order delivery. In addition to keeping track of customers’ feedback, this service should also immediately notify the customer service team, when needed, and provide assistance to customers who experience difficulties.

Objective & Solution

The most important thing every e-shop should know and track, is how satisfied and how loyal its customers are. For this reason, AB Vasilopoulos had to find a secure and credible way to measure NPS (Net Promoter Score), which is one of the most meaningful satisfaction metrics (read more about NPS in this article). This is where e-satisfaction came in the picture to provide a credible and easy way  to track Net Promoter Score across the entire journey of each consumer in the e-shop.

By measuring and tracking NPS with e-satisfaction and by being alerted for incidents of customers having a complaint,  AB Vasilopoulos makes immediate changes when scores are reduced below certain threasholds.


Mr. Stefanos Falkonakis, e-commerce manager of AB Vassilopoulos states “after using e-satisfaction for 1 year, I must admit that it is a necessary part of our e-life”. The following results speak for themselves.

  • Collect valuable and direct feedback regarding customer’s needs
  • Respond to our customers’ requests that are related to delivery or products within 1 to 2 hours, while in the past we needed 12 hours to do so
  • 5% – 10% increase of the customer satisfaction index, measured by e-satisfaction, with our immediate response to customers’ request/complaints
  • Increased in our loyal customers and repeated purchases by demonstrating an anthropocentric attitude
  • More than 100 improvements in the UX of our website  have been made in response to a certain feedback