The platform of collects feedback during important moments of the customer journey and translates it into actions for the frontline, insights for the management and better reputation for the organization.

LISTEN to the voice of your customers and push their feedback across organization

Real-time dashboards
Have a real-time view with Satisfaction KPIs per touchpoint & questionnaire and Customer Comments, designed to make the lives of frontline employees easier.
Benchmark your touchpoint’s performance (whether it’s a store, a branch or a building) with the rest of the organization.

Touchpoints Panorama
Access dashboards offering a bird’s eye view of your satisfaction scores per touchpoint, to provide the right information to your higher management.
Benchmark your organization’s performance with the rest of the market.

Email Alerts
Get notified the moment we detect an important event that requires your attention & immediate action, such as contacting an unhappy customer.

Integrations with BI apps
Want to combine our data with your rest data sources? We’ve got your back – we sync data with any BI platform you use for reporting.

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