The power of customer feedback is hidden here. With ASK mechanisms you can ask your customers and then use UNDERSTAND mechanisms to turn this feedback to information. LEVERAGE is the set of mechanisms used to convert this feedback to actual profits. 95% of unhappy customers say that would return if you DO something for what they have to say and when you do a good job they will share their positive experience with 4-6 friends…will you miss this great opportunity?

e-satisfaction’s LEVERAGE mechanisms bring Humanized Marketing Automations into life! By linking automated actions to the feedback that customers provide, you can build personalized campaigns based on the level of satisfaction each and every customer had on your e-business website.

Humanized Marketing Automations for Happy Customers

Most of your customers are happy that they selected you to do business, never forget that! These customers are your evangelists, these are the ones that will come again without having to spend a single dime on acquisition and these are the ones that will suggest you to their friends. In a nutshell, happy customers will make you profitable and the question is one…Do you know who your happy customers are? Have you ever asked them to suggest you? Have you ever tried to re-connect with them and remind them how happy they are from you? This is the really important thing you can do with e-satisfaction! Humanized Marketing Automations for Happy Customers are mechanisms that are activated when customers say that are happy and would recommend you to their friends and are based on fundamental action of humanized marketing, SHARING!

  • Refer a friend – With refer a friend functionality, a happy customer can recommend you by just entering the e-mail of a friend and they will both receive an email from you, thanking them for being happy!
  • Social Share – With social share, you can ask happy customers to share posts, pages or any social content within their social circle. Sharing the love has never been easier
  • Funnel Extender for Awareness – Extend the online funnel and earn awareness from customers that have just finished checkout or just completed their experience of doing business with you. Show them something you do not want them to miss by using the Funnel Extender for Awareness automation

Humanized Marketing Automations for Customer Recovery

Everyone may have a bad day, but the best ones are those who cannot just accept doing nothing when something goes wrong. We can help you be one of the best through the following automatic mechanisms that will pave the way to customer recovery!

  • Automated Alerts. The first line of response when something happens is to be informed. Automated alerts are sent to customer service, management or anywhere you want to receive information about an unhappy customer. Be alerted to act immediately and impress an unhappy customer by responding immediately!
  • Callback request. You cannot always be immediately responsive, but you can make your customers trust you by providing them the option to ask you to contact them, if something is not right.

Do not wait any longer. Discover the power of Humanized Marketing and see how your customers will make you save money by bringing them in the center of your business!

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