The 3 steps that will transform customer experience based on moments of truth

In this article we discussed about moments of truth and how they formulate and affect the overall customer experience. A really important goal of every company that want to be customer centric should be to manage every moment of truth with their customers and do what it takes to create an above average moment of magic experience.

By leveraging these moments of truth, namely your customers activities and interactions with your brand, a specific process should be designed which will include 3 concepts:

  • Optimization: Find all the different moments in the buying or service process and use them to delight and engage customers.
  • Transformation: Find the moments that could be optimized in order to change and provide a better interaction model throughout the entire customer journey.
  • Innovation: Always look outside the current buying or service processes to identify other moments and orchestrate those into an industry-changing scenario which will provide you with a strong competitive advantage in the world of customer centricity.

Regardless of whether you are an online business or an offline store, B2C or B2B, there are lots of opportunities to deliver a positive experience to your customer which will give them the confidence that they made the right decision to do business with you.

Think out of the box and put yourself in customer’s shoes. Think like a consumer! Ask yourself:

  • What are you expecting from a business? And when are you expecting it?
  • Which actions you would find impressive?
  • Why you will decide to buy again from a specific business?

The most important thing in this process is, to make consumers feel unique and treat them in a personalized way. Speak their language, respond to their requests and ask for their help to improve every aspect of your business. People love the feeling that they are needed and valued! Therefore, when you ask them to take an action they will be willing to help.

Keep in mind, that you should always focus on humans and not on clicks. Talk to your customers in a personalized way and show them that they are not part of a whole, but they are unique to your business. Rely on human interactions and you won’t regret it!

So, what are you waiting for? Start by creating some amazing personalized campaigns according to your customer’s needs and feedback and lift your customer experience to its maximum.

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