3 reasons why you have to be thinking about customer engagement and not revenues

Life is full of moments and the journey of every single customer in every single service is full of micro and mega moments, experienced by both consumers and brands. If we focus on customer experience, these moments are placed in context to form what is called the “Customer Experience Continuum” that has been perfectly visualized by Gartner in the following image.


The most interesting thing about this relatively new visualization of the customer’s journey is that it begins with the “Buy” action and it does not end there. And this does make sense. When a consumer buys for the first time from your store or uses your product for the first time, it is not the end of your relationship but its beginning.

Why? The response is quite straightforward if you think it for a while:

  • You want to stay in touch with this consumer (and not pay to acquire a new one)
  • You want your consumer to speak about you to friends and promote you (without having to do or spend anything)
  • You want to see this consumer turning back to you the next time they want to cover a similar or related need

In the game of building long term relationships with your customers, the focus is not on how much does it cost to get new customers but how can I keep my customer engaged, active and closely related to me and my brand. The first step in this game is to start thinking what happens after a customer buys from you and this is the first moment of truth that you have with your customers. The next step is to map the moments of truth you have with your customers and start working on them!


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