Forget B2B or B2C marketing… Go Human 2 Human (H2H) and e-satisfaction is here to help you by connecting Customer Feedback and Segmentation mechanisms with an artilery of Humanized Marketing Automations providing a complete, easy to set up and use personalised marketing tool that you can use to (automatically) respond to the needs of customers and not on their clicks

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Meet the Humanized Marketing Automations

e-satisfaction’s Leverage package comes with an out-of-the-box, easy-to-set-up marketing automations tools:

  • Refer a friend – Ask your customers to refer you to their friends through email.
  • Social Share  – Display content from your Instagram or Facebook pages or ask your customers to follow you on social media, when you know that you have their attention!
  • Funnel Extender Images – Do you want your customers to learn something new? You can display visuals that extend the online funnel and earn awareness from customers.
  • Automated Alerts – Be alerted when you need to take action. Did a client raised a complaint and has not yet received the order? The first line of response when something happens is to be informed. Be alerted to act immediately and impress an unhappy customer by responding immediately!
  • Callback request – You cannot always be immediately responsive, but you can make your customers trust you by providing them the option to ask you to contact them.

Personalized Marketing, the Humanized approach

Typically, marketing automations rely on the behaviour of users, as they are triggered when a user clicks somewhere, or when a page is visited, and they are based on the online behaviour of a user. These mechanisms are powerful and indeed are needed if you focus on customer acquisition. But what about customer lifetime value? What about customer recovery and customer loyalty?

What would you do if you knew that the client that have just ordered from your website is a promoter of your business? Would you want to know who is the customer that bought from you but was dissatisfied after receiving the order? Would you like your delighted customers to refer you to their friends?

e-satisfaction focuses on the shopping experience of every single customer and triggers a marketing action for each specific experience. An overview of how it works is displayed in the following image:


If you want to see examples of how our customers are using e-satisfaction’s Humanized Marketing Automations, you can have a quick look on a really succesful case study of refer a friend mechanism use and an example of using  Callback Request to recover customers.

Here comes the magic…. NO development needed!

All threee stages of this process can be completed without involving your technical team. Mechanisms of feedback collection and customers segmentation are built in e-satisfaction and Humanized Marketing Automations have been designed to require no development and they can all be set up, activated and stopped through e-satisfaction’s real time dashboard. No more back and forth with your development team to develop a referal mechanism, no cost to develop customer callback mechanism for customers that want to get in touch with you about their order. Digital marketing operations team is more than enought to plan, set up and launch all automations and they can do it through an easy to use interface.

Do not wait any longer. Discover the power of Humanized Marketing and see how your customers will make you save money by bringing them in the center of your business!

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