Recover your Unhappy Customers and Increase their Happinness

Learn how your e-shop can leverage from a Customer Recovery CallBack Request

The Challenge

At the moment, e-commerce is growing very fast and more than 75% of consumers shop online. However, the absence of physical contact between an e-Business and its customers can create several misunderstandings that may result in losing customers.

e-satisfaction’s Solution

To overcome this challenge, e-satisfaction recommends the activation of a Customer Recovery CallBack Request campaign.

This campaign is set in action only when a dissatisfied customer is detected. These customers have rated with 1-6 (in a scale out of 10) the following question “How satisfied are you with our e-shop?”.

After the successful completion of the Check out and/or the After Sales questionnaire, instead of thanking customers for their feedback, an e-shop can ask from its dissatisfied customers to fill in their telephone number and their preferred time to be contacted.

Having these valuable data at hand, an e-shop is found at the privileged position to identify and call their dissatisfied customers with the aim of resolving any possible misunderstanding or small mistake.

With e-satisfaction’s solution e-shops have the opportunity to recover their dissatisfied customers and take immediate action to convert them to happy and loyal customers.


Many e-shops have already activated the Customer Recovery CallBack Request to gather valuable data about their dissatisfied customers and tried to improve their e-Business.

Results were more than encouraging, as on average the Customer Recovery CallBack Request was seen from 1645 people and 155 customers provided their contact information, creating a 9% Click Rate.

callback data

By immediately contacting their dissatisfied customers any misunderstanding or small mistake was resolved and customers’ happiness was increased!!

What is e-satisfaction?

e-satisfaction is the #1 Humanized Marketing Platform for e-Business that combines customer feedback with actual automated marketing mechanisms that aim to recover or retain your customers. e-satisfaction is used by hundreds of e-businesses, helping them to go one step closer to customer centricity.

Start today, discover the power of your customers and LEVERAGE  from a campaign that aims to recover unhappy customers (Customer Recovery CallBack)!

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