On line Pharmacies: They lose customers mainly due to bad Customer Service according to e-satisfaction.com

The on line pharmacy industry has been experiencing a vast growth over the past few months, as many consumers transfer their purchases on line. However, according to data collected through e-satisfaction.com from 23 on line pharmacies & more than 58.000 user experiences, disappointed customers that will not buy again from a store, state that bad service is the key issue.

More specifically, examining consumer responses after order shipping, the percentage of the consumers that are either disappointed or would not recommend or would not buy again from the on line store are 20,81%. Moreover, these disappointed customers rate the on line pharma store with 4,32 out of 10 in Customer Service & 4,49 out of 10 the shipping time.

Based on the above, one would ask whether investing only in fancy web sites & digital acquisition marketing is correct. Of course, the answer should include the need of investing in customer insights, retention & leveraging word of mouth. Therefore, the focus in customer centricity is the base to safeguard growth.

What is e-satisfaction?

e-satisfaction is the #1 Humanized Marketing Platform for e-Business that combines customer feedback with actual automated marketing mechanisms that aim to recover or retain your customers. e-satisfaction is used by hundreds of e-businesses, helping them to go one step closer to customer centricity.

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