NPS, CES, CSAT: Get your Metrics Straight and Boost Sales!

If you’re expecting a… battle of the CX metrics to get to the winner, well this is not the right article for you! Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) are three different metrics that do three different jobs, so it’s no use pitting them against each other. 

So, let’s examine them one by one in an effort to clear any misconceptions and help you be sure that you use the right metric for your objectives and purposes.


Net Promoter Score (NPS): Where do you stand in terms of “Word of Mouth”?

What is NPS? NPS is the most popular CX metric and measures the willingness of consumers to recommend your product/brand/service to someone they know. 

What is the standard NPS survey question? “On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?”

What is NPS good for? NPS is perfect when you want to segment your customers into promoters, passives and detractors and to use this segmentation to personalize the content that each will receive in the future in an effort to enhance their experiences with your brand. 

+NPS Tip:  Incorporate open-end questions in your NPS surveys so that respondents will be able to justify their score and provide you with a better understanding of what makes them like or dislike your products/brand/service.


Customer Effort Score (CES): Are you “too much work” or “easy breezy”?

What is CES? CES measures how easy or difficult it is for customers to get involved with your brand or products.

What is the standard CES survey question? “How easy was it for you to (e.g. complete your transaction)?” 

What is CES good for? CES provides more accurate future loyalty predictions than the other two metrics since it is well documented that customers with high effort experiences with a brand become disloyal.

+CES Tip:  Use CES surveys to pinpoint the “high effort” points in your customer journeys and see what changes can make things easier for your audience.


Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT): Satisfaction guaranteed or is there more to be desired?

What is CSAT? CSAT is a popular metric that tracks how satisfied customers are with their experiences with a brand, product or service.

What is the standard CSAT survey question? “How satisfied were you with our product?” 

What is CSAT good for? CSAT helps you separate satisfied from unsatisfied customers and discover your strong and weak points and come up with ways to enhance the former and fix the latter and boost engagement and retention.

+CSAT Tip:  Share the results of CSAT surveys with employees in different departments of your brand and brainstorm ideas on how to improve customer satisfaction in a holistic way that your audience will definitely appreciate.


So, which CX metric is the best?

As stated in this article’s introduction, comparing the three metrics to come up with the one considered “best” is a waste of time and effort. Instead, we believe that metrics synergy is the key to success when it comes to improving your customer experience, collecting valuable feedback and making your audience feel heard and esteemed. Opt for a platform, like, that helps you incorporate NPS, CES and CSAT surveys into your strategy and let them work their magic into shining a light on what your customers want and see the results this can bring to your customer loyalty and revenue.