e-satisfaction used by more than 100 e-businesses!

Nowadays, e-businesses try to deal with the upcoming and all the more competitive online market by developing customer based strategies and in particular by focusing on customer experience. E-satisfaction’s ease of use and credibility, render it one of the best solutions for e-shops in order to achieve this goal. The 100 and more customers of e-satisfaction are able to exploit their customer satisfaction and feedback on their own benefit by taking marketing actions to recovering their unhappy customers.

Some of the 100 and more enteprises that use e-satisfaction are among the largest and highly emerging e-shops in online Greek market such as AB Vasilopoulos, Praktiker Hellas, Intersport, KAFKAS, welovesupermarket.gr, cosmossport.gr, Spitishop.gr and many more. Through e-satisfaction e-businesses accomplished not only to hear their customers’ voice and understand their needs but also to:

  • Develop customer recovery & complaint handling strategies that track their customers’ discomfort and take immediate action on it
  • Gather and exploit their happy customers’ feedback either through the increase of positive reviews in relevant channels or via publishing this feedback in order to make their satisfied customers’ voice be heard in public.
  • Make use of their customers’ feedback in order to make the most of the opportunities that rise for improvement and take action based on their customers’ needs

E-businesses have recognized the value of customer experience setting it as the core element in their CRM strategies in order to cope with online business’ challenging and harsh environment. Following their footsteps, e-satisfaction finds and recommends constantly new tools and actions that make e-business even more customer centered!

What is e-satisfaction?

e-satisfaction is the #1 Humanized Marketing Platform for e-Business that combines customer feedback with actual automated marketing mechanisms that aim to recover or retain your customers. e-satisfaction is used by hundreds of e-businesses, helping them to go one step closer to customer centricity.

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