Be Alerted Every Time You Receive Customer Comments!

Customer comments alert (or email alert), is a feature of, offered to organizations that want to be alerted every time a customer leaves a comment, without having to login to platform, but straight to the customer service e-mail.

What customer comments alert really is?

With email alerts you are able to LISTEN to the voice of your customers, get notified the moment we detect an important event that requires your attention & immediate action, such as contacting an unhappy customer and of course, push their feedback across organization. Customer comments alert has the form of e-mail alerts sent to the customer service team every time customers leave comments, alongside with their evaluation. By using e-mail alerts, organizations have real-time information about potential issues and problems in orders and are able to distinguish customers that need immediate attention.

Who receives these alerts?

Just like every alert that is sent from, customer comments alerts are sent to every e-mail account that has been configured to receive alerts. Your customers do not receive any notification. Alerts to the e-mails that have been configured, are also sent when a rather negative evaluation is submitted by a customer.

What is included in an e-mail alert?

The information that is included in each customer comments alert, is the comment the customer has left and the order id, through which the customer service team or frontline people can track the client and handle his/her request.

How to enable customer comments alert?

Customer comment alerts can be enabled through the settings section, in the platform, by following these steps:

Step 1: Login to your account

Step 2: Select “Customer Feedback Automations Settings” and then select the “E-mail Alerts” tab, which can be found in “e-shop configuration”

Step 3: Enable/Disable Customer Comment Alerts

Note: The feature is enabled/disabled per user.

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