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E-satisfaction now available for Mobile-Friendly sites!

In many e-businesses the  smartphone traffic has already surpassed 30% of the total traffic and seems to grow rapidly. The m-commerce world is magic but at the same time has many dark areas for the marketers about the way users behave and feel. Therefore many e-Commerce Managers & CRM executives do not have a detailed view in order to make decisions.

We are really exited in, that after extensive research we offer a new, contemporary & functional look & feel of our service for Mobile-Friendly sites! Now our members can enable for free the Browsing stage of the mobile sites, becoming capable of understanding customer experience cross device! There are also available two different visuals (Dark & Light) to be applied depending on our client’s brand identity!

mobile friendly

What is e-satisfaction?

e-satisfaction is the #1 Humanized Marketing Platform for e-Business that combines customer feedback with actual automated marketing mechanisms that aim to recover or retain your customers. e-satisfaction is used by hundreds of e-businesses, helping them to go one step closer to customer centricity.

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