Behind customer’s feedback there is a real, human customer… Have you ever contact them to either thank them for supporting you or resolve any misunderstandings?

filtered data export

The filtered data export feature of e-satisfaction gives an e-Business the chance to create and export customer e-mail lists, filtered by customer’s level of satisfaction throughout their customer experience. These lists are highly manageable and can be instantly imported into any e-mail marketing tool!


Practically, within less than 5 minutes you may identify which real customer is hidden behind each piece of feedback and the order id related to them. How an e-Business can use this information?

Having this valuable data at hand, an e-Business can activate:

  • Humanized Marketing Automations for Happy Customers. Reward your happy customers by asking them to share their love about your e-Business, giving you the opportunity to extend your online funnel and increase awareness.
  • Humanized Marketing Automations for Customer Recovery. Respond immediately to customer’s complaints or misunderstandings and impress your unhappy customers.

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When acting immediately upon customer’s feedback, an e-Business has the chance to increase customer’s happiness and engagement by showing that customers are in the center of the e-Business and are treated with the care and attention they deserve.

Customer Satisfaction Segments is a valid tool for every marketer and an even more valued asset for e-Businesses that base their success in customer centric and online CRM strategies, based on customer satisfaction and deep understanding of their needs!   

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