Display Feature – Exploit your happy customers

Strengthen your branding and customer relationships through the exploitation of your happy customers.

What does that mean in the first place?

Nowadays, more and more platforms provide information about your customers’ behavior including not only specific metrics such as how often they make a purchase from your e-shop but also if they would promote you or are detractors (NPS). In other words, you can easily understand who are your happy and unhappy customers, and take action.  The actions you can take concerning your unhappy customers are easy to understand but what about the happy ones? How can you exploit their happiness and even loyalty sometimes on your own benefit?

Taking into advantage the benefits of this marketing tool you can:

  • Increase your conversions
  • Increase your positive reviews and ratings
  • Ameliorate your image
  • Gain more customers

I know you are thinking “Sure… I’ve heard that before, no result came through it”, but let’s get more specific.This tool includes a promotional post that e-shops can activate it in Checkout or After Sales stage or in both of them and be shown only to their happy customers. What is this post in the first place? It can be anything you want to promote and have value on show time! Some of our customers for example chose to promote a Facebook Contest or a post prompting the customers to leave a review on relevant channels such as Skroutz or BestPrice.

There is no guarantee that although a customer is happy he will not leave a negative review. However, the volume of the positive ones is so high that the negative reviews pose no threat to other customers. Moreover, a generally happy customer who still has a complaint or a spontaneous annoyance will choose to ignore this post rather spend valuable time to share his opinion. The feature’s results were remarkable since customers responded multiple times more than they did when they saw the post on Facebook and the volume of reviews increased as well! As a result, you can easily create a favorable image on public channels gaining all the more customers this way, since you promote the right post in the right place and time.

Why is this happening?

Happy customers already appreciate your services, since otherwise they wouldn’t be considered as happy, and many times they feel the need on their own to repay you. In other words, they need to help you. All you just do is give them the opportunity to take action while they’re still in mood, without demanding extra effort by them. So, if you considered that this action may lead to their annoyance or similar emotions, then don’t, because it is their pleasure! This way you manage to create a balanced and stronger relationship with your existing customers but at the same time you can improve your image and maybe acquire new ones as well.

What is required for the activation?

Just like Request Callback no technical support is required from the e-shop. You may learn more about the activation of the display feature, here.

What is e-satisfaction?

e-satisfaction is the #1 Humanized Marketing Platform for e-Business that combines customer feedback with actual automated marketing mechanisms that aim to recover or retain your customers. e-satisfaction is used by hundreds of e-businesses, helping them to go one step closer to customer centricity.

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