Customer Retention: Easier than ever with e-satisfaction

If you go across every guide on how to increase customer retention, you will find a single, high level rule of thumb that you should follow: “Respond promptly, be polite and resolve the concern”. This is correct, but how easy can it be when you do not even see or talk to the customer? How can you respond promptly when you are not there when the complaint is raised? This is a great challenge and this is why we created automated alerts!

Automated e-mail alerts are sent to your e-Business customer service/ management teams when an unhappy customer raises a complaint or declares to be unhappy by a shopping experience in your business. A very important characteristic of the automated mail alerts is that they are linked to a specific order id, so you know who is behind each complaint, so you can manage it in a personalized manner, building the bond you want to built with each and every customer!

automated email alerts


What to do with email alerts?

There are a lot of ways that you can use and manage such alerts. Examples of how our clients are using automated email alerts today can be found below, in the form of advice:

  • Reply – Several customers allocate a part of a day to follow up on customers that raised a complaint or declared to be not happy by their experience.
  • Automate – Customers with a large number of orders may face larger volumes of complaints or customers that need attention, so the development of different response templates for different occasions is possible.
  • Inform – By using e-mail alerts, top level management has the opportunity to get a taste of the customer service process and the customer satisfaction levels on a daily basis. Turn it on once and you will never turn it off again as it is a perfect, filtered stream of customer voices that you want to receive!

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