What e-satisfaction.com is?

e-satisfaction.com is a platform that transforms customer feedback into an operational and marketing tool, turning your costs into profits.

This two-in-one approach is designed to help you:

  • decrease Call Center and operations costs,
  • enhance Word of Mouth and improve public reviews,
  • increase customer retention.


What can you expect from e-satisfaction.com?

Quick set-up and broad compatibility with various systems and platforms.

A user-friendly dashboard with accessible and customizable charts full of downloadable data.

Ready to use or customized and branded questionnaires that collect feedback on every major customer journey touchpoint (Browse, Check out, After Sales). Plus, badges and product reviews that increase trust and conversion rate.

A list of out-of-the-box marketing automation tools. With the built-in HTML editor, you will be able to create thank you pages and clickable images from scratch without the cost of development. Plus, you can effortlessly increase reviews in Google Places, Facebook and any other review service you want, among other choices.

An alerts page featuring a host of functionalities that illustrate each customer’s status and timely inform you on any updates that call for you to take action.

Seamless collaboration with a dedicated Success Team that will be with you on every step of the way to offer you insights, solve problems, get creative and optimize results.

How can e-satisfaction.com help you?

Not all businessmen share the same perspective with their customers when it comes to the experience they provide.  And this is exactly where feedback collection can act as a bridge, connecting brands with their audience in a meaningful way!

Feedback collection creates a constant line of communication between brand and customer. However, customer feedback is not only about listening to your customer’s voice. It also serves as:

  • An effective and timely diagnostic tool for problems, misunderstandings or other bottlenecks that call for immediate resolution. 
  • A way for brands or organizations to get to know their customers in-depth, consider their satisfaction levels and take actions to improve their products and services per those insights. 

In other words, customer feedback is the way to acquire an engaged and loyal customer base, one that can act as your ambassador and lead to further customer acquisition. 

And e-satisfaction.com was designed to make this happen for your brand by allowing you to effortlessly collect customer feedback AND use it to fuel your retail and marketing operations, while simultaneously cutting down on costs.