How to Create Engaging Visuals

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“Learning how to effectively communicate your message will never go out of style”, Kristi Dosh (Forbes).

There is no debating that if you are looking to grab user’s attention, you need captivating visuals. As humans, we process visual information 60.000 times faster than text. Thus, creating an engaging visual is essential, as it will allow you to connect with your audience in an emotional level,  leave a lasting impression by hitting the right emotional notes and make them feel special and happy!

During the past months the customer success team of e-satisfaction talked with a lot of e-businesses using the Funnel Extension Image feature and in this article you can find our first learnings, alongside with advice on how to make the perfect visual that will engage your customers and make them click where you want them to click!

  • Create clear and concise visuals that are action oriented and capture your consumers’ attention! When developing a visual you should know what you want to achieve with each visual. Examples of objectives that our customers have used include increase of reviews in third party review sites (i.e. Facebook), create awareness about their new store or their loyalty program, etc.
  • Use Call to Action buttons! They are essential for every campaign as they guide consumers towards an action they should take.
  • Your button color matters. Generally speaking, green and orange buttons have been proven to perform best. However, button’s color will depend on your visual design.
  • Create urgency. Use bold, confident and commanding words in your Call to Action button to convince consumers that they should not wait any longer to act, otherwise they will miss a great opportunity.
  • Mind the space. Leave enough space around your button so that it is not cluttered and the call to action is crystal clear. It needs to command attention without overwhelming your visual’s design.
  • Use complimentary colors, namely contrasting colors such as blue and orange. A burst of color gives consumers a visual break and makes the content more engaging.
  • When implementing color in a visual, it is recommended that the 70% of your visual should contain a main color and 30% should contain a complimentary color.

By using some of the advice given above, our clients get what they want, as Funnel Extension Images have an average click rate of 20%. So, do not wait any longer! Define what you want your customers to do after finishing checkout or after delivering products and use these tips to design the most engaging visuals they have ever seen!

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