Research indicates that consumers are 4 times more likely to buy from an e-shop that has been referred by their friend, and according to an HBR study, 48% of customers who had negative experience with an e-Business told 10 or more people!

To identify customers that had a negative customer experience and distinguish them from brand ambassadors, e-satisfaction uses the Net Promoter Score tracking (NPS).

NPS is a customer loyalty metric, indicating whether the visitors and/or customers of an e-Business are willing to recommend it to a friend. When tracking Net Promoter Score, e-Businesses are able to segment their visitors and customers in detractors, passives and ambassadors of the brand.


After identifying these three customer segments, action can be taken to convert detractors to promoters, to avoid negative Word of Mouth, and motivate brand ambassadors to share their love about the products/services your e-Business offers!

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