e-satisfaction provides an out-of-the-box and ready-to-ask set of questions covering specific aspects of an e-Business as well as important metrics to understand overall customer experience. These questions collect feedback during all three stages of the customer’s journey, Browse, Check out and After Delivery, and are also friendly for your mobile visitors and customers!

Let’s take a deep dive into e-satisfaction’s questions!

One of the most important set of questions is related to the metrics that measure overall customer experience. These are the following:  

  • General Satisfaction Score (CSAT index). Visitors and customers are asked to rate their overall satisfaction from your e-Business in a star rating scale from 1 to 10 and therefore, you may identify your dissatisfied, neutral and happy customers.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is a customer loyalty metric, indicating whether your visitors and customers are willing to recommend your e-Business to a friend or colleague. Therefore, respondents are grouped as detractors, passives and ambassadors of your brand giving you the opportunity to convert your detractors to promoters and motivate your ambassadors to share their love about your products/services! Click here to learn more about the NPS metric
  • Planned or Spontaneous purchase. This metric shows if your customers planned their purchase or it was a spontaneous decision.
  • Buy Again. Your customers are asked whether they intend to buy again from your e-Business giving you valuable insights on their satisfaction from your e-Business not only in terms of navigating to your e-shop but also in terms of completing a purchase and receiving their order.

Another set of e-satisfaction’s out-of-the-box questions measure specific aspects of your e-Business such as:

  • Products. There are several questions where your visitors and customers are asked to evaluate the following metrics: variety, availability, presentation, condition and packaging of products as well as your e-Business prices.
  • User Interface. Your e-Business visitors and customers can provide valuable feedback about the usability of your e-shop and how secure they feel to make a purchase.
  • Shipping. These questions provide your e-Business an overview of your shipping costs, options and time of delivery.
  • Customer Service. To help you evaluate the efficiency of your customer service, e-satisfaction asks your customers to rate in a star rating scale from 1 to 10 their satisfaction according to the customer services provided by your e-Business.

Last but not least, your visitors and customers may leave you a comment about the overall experience and service provided by your e-Business.


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