ASKing with e-satisfaction is the easiest way to collect credible feedback from real customers and visitors of your e-business website. We all know that customers are really busy, but at the same time they do have a lot to say, so it is a real challenge to get their feedback without disrupting their experience in your e-business website. The ask mechanism of e-satisfaction’s Humanized Platform overcomes these obstacles by following the following rule of thumb: “Ask at a relevant moment, relevant things, in a friendly way”. This rule has been implemented through the following, unique characteristics of e-satisfaction.

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Holistic customer feedback 

e-satisfaction is the only solution in the market that collects feedback during all three stages of the customer journey, Browse, Checkout and After Delivery, across devices and even across online and offline environment. These feedback collection mechanisms are easy to ask, relevant and not disruptive to the customer’s experience, while they complement each other to generate a holistic view of the customer’s experience.

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Out of the box questions

Asking the correct thing is not easy. e-satisfaction provides an out of the box set of questions designed based on the need of each e-business vertical. These questions cover both specific aspects of the business (i.e. variety, prices) and important metrics used to measure the overall experience of the customer, such as General Satisfaction (CSAT index) and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

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Real time, easy to use dashboard

As any service that respects itself, we have a real time dashboard where e-business can see in real time customer feedback flowing in, filling charts and numbers. Our dashboard is something more than that…it is easy to understand. Keeping things simple is the way to keep things clear!

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