Case Study: L’Artigiano

How L’Artigiano achieved a 39% Response Rate with the help of, while their customers keep on eagerly offering them feedback!

About L’ Artigiano


L’Artigiano is one of most renowned Greek franchise chains in the italian food delivery sector with 20 restaurants, more than 400 employees and a presence that spans well over 25 years.

L’Artigiano +


With a customer-centric approach and a wish to maintain a constant and open dialogue with their audience, L’Artigiano has dynamically invested in digital solutions and tools, and as of late, the company has focused its attention in attracting younger audiences, aged 20-35. 

So it has been almost a year now since L’Artigiano has started working together with, making the most of the platform’s ready-to-use feedback collection and engagement mechanisms, in an effort to further boost their customer-driven efforts.  

Objectives  & Challenges


L’Artigiano had come prepared, having been aware from the outset of the value embedded in CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) and NPS (Net Promoter Score), as well as that of other relative metrics that measure the quality of a product delivered to a customer. Their intention and objective was and still is the methodical measuring and monitoring of said metrics, a process that results in illuminating the weaker areas in need of improvement and the strong points that are fit to be communicated. 

However, the initial customer response was not the expected one, so it became clear that fresh and creative ideas would be the secret ingredient for perfecting the recipe for the right type of communication, at the right time!



The collaboration between Anastasia and Maria from L’Artigiano and e-satisfaction’s Customer Success team yielded the desired results! Through the implementation of best practices that correspond to the needs of L’Artigiano’s audience and the activation and measuring of an extra metric, that of Customer Effort Score (CES), Response Rate was gradually improved, the amount of feedback multiplied and customer engagement is getting stronger everyday, without having to retort to incentive-based tactics. 

The 5 practices that skyrocketed Response Rates (RR)


  • Enticing and to-the-point subject lines and email body texts that capture customers’ attention and get them to answer the questionnaires.
  • Straightforward questions that effortlessly communicate the objective and reason for the customers’ participation.
  • Evaluation of the frequency of asking for feedback so that the customers will not feel “spammed”, thus helping them to find value in their responses.
  • Aesthetically pleasing questionnaires and branded assets on every customer touchpoint (emails, surveys, thank you pages).
  • Mobile optimization, since a considerable number of customers have opted for communication with brands via smartphone.

How Customer Effort Score (CES) contributed in gathering valuable feedback?


L’Artigiano knows that their customers’ experience begins with an order. Naturally, they wanted to find out what customers think about their website’s navigation.

This particular need led to the activation of Customer Effort Score (CES). CES is a valuable metric when it comes to the evaluation of the efficiency of customer service teams. Eventually, CES has also proven to be equally effective in self service experiences, such as website navigation and check-out process completion

The question typically used to measure CES is along the lines of “How easy was it for you to complete your order?” 

Having already passed the test of Response Rate increase with flying colours, feedback collection through CES was impressive, right from the start. By posing the aforementioned question and gathering the scores generated by customer responses, L’Artigiano is now able to shine a light on the “effort” made by visitors when browsing their website. And this piece of intel can only lead to one thing: a continuously enhanced experience that will boost customer satisfaction! 



Coherent questions, optimized positioning (on desktop and mobile alike) and a brief but highly targeted questionnaire combined with an already satisfying level of customer experience from previous L’Artigiano surveys, to produce a 39% Response Rate!

This number surpassed all expectations, especially considering that -based on international CX reports- the highest expected Response Rate is estimated at 25%, while 10%-20% Response Rates are classified as reasonable. 

And the most significant result? Customers continue to provide answers and share their experiences with L’Artigiano! 

Furthermore, the feedback generated through CES surveys is already being used in the process of L’Artigiano’s website redesign! 


Key Takeaways


Making the most of the data gathered through the online platform, L’Artigiano executes effectively targeted and segmented promotional campaigns via an array of marketing tools like e-mails, social media posts, rewards etc.

What has become apparent, through trial and error, is that when brands decide to pay serious attention to their customers’ experiences and act on their comments, then: 

  • Engagement is considerably enhanced and this positively affects the customers’ intent to keep participating in questionnaires.
  • A Response Rate increase has been proven to occur.
  • Customer feedback can serve as the basis for the process of improving a brand’s products and services. 

To sum up, L’Artigiano’s case proves that customers are… hungry to share their opinions through questionnaires, providing that a solid strategy has been set up and a customer satisfaction platform has been employed to ensure an effortless and successful implementation.


Discover how you can collect feedback and enjoy a fruitful, long-lasting communication with your customers with!